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Venango Supply is a complete plumbing and HVAC distributor based in Oil City, PA with fully-stocked branches in Erie, New Castle and Pittsburgh. Venango Supply has built a strong service-oriented reputation with its well-qualified employees who provide knowledgeable, quality information to our customer base.

Services range from prompt deliveries, strong inventories at all four locations and HVAC sizing and design available from our inside staff or outside salesmen. Venango Supply also offers two "Kohler Premier" showrooms, one in Seneca just outside Oil City and one in Erie, to service our customers conveniently.

Quality materials and services provided by Venango Supply equal time and money saved by our contractors. Contact any of our locations and find out what a difference Venango Supply can make in your business.

Company History

Venango Supply started from humble beginnings in 1966 by the Eckert family in Oil City, PA, with two employees. The company started to form and follow its true direction in 1976 with brothers Bill Eckert Jr. and Dick Eckert coming on board along with two other employees.

Growth ensued with several warehouse location changes in the Oil City area, culminating in the state of the art facility in nearby Seneca, PA. Another key addition, Tod Eckert, joined forces with his brothers in 1983 followed by the opening of the Erie branch in 1998, New Castle in 2006 and Pittsburgh in 2011.

With the addition of a major line on the HVAC side in 2008, our supply house company remains poised to grow geographically and internally to better support our loyal customer base.

Venango Supply began as a family affair and continues to be an extended family through the many long term customers, employees, and connections to the community that have evolved over the past 48 years and will continue into the future.